IS YOUR TEENAGER STRUGGLING? Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools is a resource for the parents of troubled teenagers, providing information about the most affordable therapeutic boarding schools.

IS YOUR TEENAGER STRUGGLING? See these Affordable Therapeutic Boarding Schools

  • Agape Boarding School
    Stockton, Missouri

    Agape is an all-male, lower cost boarding school with counseling and care for troubled teenage boys. Students receive an excellent college prep education and enjoy competitive sports on an exceptional sprawling campus. Agape provides affordable care and behavioral change in a loving atmosphere, equipping boys to seek a more positive path in life.

  • Clearview Horizon
    Sandpoint, Idaho

    Clearview Horizon is top therapeutic program for girls suffering from trauma, adoption issues, or self-harm. The professional therapists work develop specific plans to help girls resolve life issues and build self-discipline and a healthy self-image. Specialties include resolving Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), anxiety, cutting, self-harm, and eating disorders.

  • Columbus Girls Academy
    Seale, Alabama

    Columbus Girls Academy is a highly rated therapeutic school on a beautiful Alabama campus -- far lower in cost than most such programs. CGA helps teenage girls who are struggling with self-destructive behaviors, focusing on academic, mental and spiritual growth and character development through a personalized therapeutic curriculum, counseling and mentoring.

  • Wolf Creek Academy
    Western North Carolina

    Wolf Creek Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys and girls struggling with emotional and behavioral problems. Wolf Creek is faith-based, with more than 20 years of experience counseling troubled teenagers. WCA provides accredited academics and focuses on family involvement with the goal of family and relational restoration.

  • New Horizons Ranch
    Western Montana

    New Horizons Boys Ranch uses powerful mentoring relationships to teach Christ-centered values and healthy choices to troubled adolescents, as young as age 7. Students receive daily education and live in a large home with dedicated staff who pour themselves into the students' lives.

  • Safe Harbor Academy
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Safe Harbor Academy focuses on building men of integrity, vision and character. Boys live on board marine vessels, learning vocational seamanship skills while also being counseled in regard to life issues and gaining an accredited education. It's story was featured in the Hallmark movie, Safe Harbor.

  • Wings of Faith
    Stockton, Missouri

    Wings of Faith is a faith-based, low cost boarding school for troubled teenage girls. Our staff nurtures girls spiritually, socially and academically. We build respect, leadership and creativity. Girls in our care receive an excellent education (or academic repair) while also learning to restore broken relationships with family. Girls here learn to move forward confidently into their God-given purpose in life.

  • Master's Ranch
    Southeast Missouri

    Master's Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage boys with a Christ-centered approach, vocational training and mentoring. Boys build responsibility and respect through ranch chores and trades training, while also building confidence. Boys here learn to make positive life changes as they experience real accomplishment while living in an accountable but relational, family-like atmosphere.

  • Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch
    Northwest Arkansas

    Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch helps troubled teenage boys who are struggling with misbehavior and/or substance abuse. Students receive counseling several times each week. Therapy is also accomplished through challenging outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, rappelling, canoeing, and spelunking (cave exploration). The campus offers a massive new main facility, horses and ropes course.

  • Vero Beach Boys Ranch
    Vero Beach, Florida

    Vero Beach is a boarding school for behaviorally troubled teenage boys. The program provides mentorship, encouragement and an education for boys who need to overcome self-destructive behaviors. The atmosphere is relaxed and built upon adventure and mentoring. Boys enjoy horseback ridging, camping, fishing on site, and wilderness activities in their second campus in the Smoky Mountains.

  • Gateway Boys Academy
    West Florida

    Gateway is a lower cost military-like therapeutic boarding school for more difficult boys who need to learn responsibility and respect. Gateway also offers competitive athletics (basketball, soccer, baseball), excellent academics, mission trips, meaningful community service projects, agricultural training, and effective therapy for both the student and the family.

  • Boise Girls Academy
    Boise, ID

    Boise Girls Academy is a residential program and school for troubled girls located in Boise, Idaho. It is uniquely equipped to help girls who are spiraling out of control. The residential Christian boarding school offers a home-like setting and is lower in cost than most such programs. The program works with a small number of girls.

  • Promise Village
    Davisburg, Michigan

    Promise Village is a highly skilled but reasonably priced therapeutic program for boys with emotional or psychological issues. It is a small program with less than 20 boys, ages 10-17. Boys receive sophisticated clinical care along with strong academics, animal-assisted therapy and character growth studies. It is housed on a beautiful 70-acre ranch.

  • Re-Creation Retreat

    Re-Creation Retreat
    Fredonia, Arizona

    Re-Creation Retreat is an affordable, licensed therapeutic boarding school located in Northern Arizona. We treat and provide a top education for girls age 13-18 who are exhibiting emotional or behavioral problems at home and school. Our seasoned therapeutic team provides equine-assisted therapy and milieu therapy to turn around troubled girls.

  • California Leadership Academy
    San Diego, California

    Therapeutic academy for troubled boys and girls 12-17, who exhibit defiance, rebellion, failing grades, or emotional issues. An affordable and caring, secure campus located near San Diego, CA. CLA provides students with a strong academic program in order to help them achieve their dreams and become the leaders they were meant to be.

  • Jubilee Leadership Academy

    Jubilee Leadership Academy
    Washington State

    Jubilee Leadership Academy is a fully certified and accredited Christian boarding school for boys. We help at-risk teens and struggling teens to achieve a life of health, happiness and success. Our professional but low cost treatment helps a diverse group of boys struggling with issues such as failure in school, ODD, RAD, ADHD, anger, substance abuse, and much more.

  • Cayman's House
    Fair Play, Missouri

    Cayman's House is a Christ-centered program in Missouri. The focus of this school is to teach boys how to take responsibility and lead them to Christ. This community-driven program offers a variety of services including top-level education, Biblical teachings, and community service.

  • Hosanna House Girls Academy
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Hosanna House Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school for troubled girls. This program specializes in helping girls who are struggling with a variety of problems, including defiance, depression, and academic struggles.

  • New Lifehouse Academy

    New Lifehouse Academy is a lower cost, ranch program in Oklahoma for troubled girls. Here, teenage girls receive the tools to succeed in all areas of their life, including spiritually, academically, and behaviorally.

  • Prayer Mountain Academy
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Prayer Mountain is a faith-based program for troubled boys aged 13-17. This spacious and home-like campus provides struggling boys with a calming and serene atmosphere where they are able to change their troubled behaviors and learn a new way to live life.

  • Army and Navy Academy
    San Diego, California

    Army and Navy Academy is a military boarding school in San Diego, California. This program emphasizes top level academics, physical exercise, and discipline. Students attending this highly structured academy will learn leadership skills, teamwork, and build a foundation for lifelong success.

  • Freedom Academy

    Freedom Academy is a tuition-free charter school providing top quality education to children in grades K-8 in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area of Arizona.

  • Future Men
    Southwestern Oklahoma

    Future Men is a Christ-centered program in Oklahoma dealing with boys struggling with a variety of issues. Through biblical counseling and a highly structured environment, boys are able to change their lives around and get back on track.


List of the best therapeutic boarding schools providing troubled teens with the help and counseling troubled teens need, serving teens in Texas, in California, in Oregon and in Washington. Our best therapeutic boarding school also span the West Coast including teen homes in Arizona, in New Mexico, in Oklahoma and in Nevada, as well as in Arkansas, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Iowa, and in Louisiana. We list the best therapeutic boarding schools in Mississippi, in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana, in Wisconsin and in Illinois in the Central States and Midwest, plus in Montana, in North Dakota, in Minnesota, and in Georgia, in Florida, in Virginia, in New York, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, and in New Jersey, in Massachusetts, in Rhode Island, in Maine and in Vermont along on the East Coast. Our list includes all all the best girls therapeutic boarding schools and all-boy therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

The best therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teenage boys and girls.

This therapeutic boarding school directory can help your teenager who is defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving badly. Acting out is common among teenagers troubled with emotional issues or trauma. Such troubled teens may appear to be arrogant and angry, and simply will not listen to authority figures. If your teen is combative and disobedient, a therapeutic boarding school may be the best solution. Many rebellious teenagers are resistant and antagonistic to change, but their malicious or naughty behavior can be corrected. Disorderly teenagers intentionally act out of line because they are lacking self-control. Some unruly teens can become angry and hostile, making trouble for both them and their family. Seeking help for your wayward, noncompliant teenager can be a difficult decision, but the sooner their misbehavior can be curbed, the less lifelong damage will be done. Wild, undisciplined teenage behavior will become respectful and thoughtful, and bad-tempered teens will become happy and productive members of society.

While this program is not a military school, military schools are often a parent’s first thought when their boy is in trouble. Military schools can change teen behavior temporarily (out of fear), but lasting change rarely happens. Military high schools rarely enroll troubled teens, and while they can change a boy’s actions, they do not change hearts and minds. Intimidation is the main motivation for change at military schools, not therapy, counseling nor spiritual renewal, so military schools fail to uncover and work on the core issues of why a boy is misbehaving or self-destructing. For a troubled boy, rather than seeking military schools, better and longer lasting help can be found from therapeutic programs like this one.