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Boise Girls Academy

best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Boise, Idaho (students come from all states)
Students: 35
Ages: 13-17
Gender: all female
Website: BoiseGirlsAcademy.com

Boise Girls Academy

Boise Girls Academy (in Boise, Idaho) offers top quality, low cost care for teenage girls struggling with life choices and behavior.

This Christian therapeutic boarding school gives girls the loving care they need to make radical changes in their lives while also ministering to entire families. Boise Girls Academy offers a nurturing and positive living environment designed to encourage positive change in a teenager’s attitude and behavior.

Boise Girls Academy

A History of Radical Transformation in the Lives of Teens

  • As the adolescent girls program of Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest, Boise Girls Academy draws on the remarkable Teen Challenge history of over 50 years of success. Boise Girls Academy invites each student to experience the transformation that Jesus Christ can bring, all in the context of a safe and nurturing therapeutic environment. Girls learn to replace destructive habits with healthy choices and reap the benefits of their brand new direction in every area of their lives.

Counseling and Accountability Lead to Character Growth

  • Boise Girls Academy emphasizes spiritual growth and personal relationships. Each girl begins her school day working through a Biblical curriculum meant to challenge her in areas of faith and character. Counselors tailor the lessons to address each girl’s individual needs. The curriculum ties in with the pastoral counseling she receives. Meanwhile, girls spend time daily with mentors and grow from the accountability of their peers.

Accredited Academics and So Much More

  • Girls continue their junior high or high school education through an accredited academic program with the instruction of a certified teacher. As their thinking clears, many girls find new success in academics, where they may have struggled before. The school at Boise Girls Academy prepares girls for a bright future full of possibilities.

Boise Girls Academy

Boise Girls Academy Feels Like Home

  • The small student body creates a family atmosphere within our therapeutic school, while the friendly community in Boise, Idaho, makes the location feel like home. We enjoy a variety of outdoor and nature activities year-round in the pleasant Boise climate, in addition to sports, recreation and gardening opportunities on our beautiful campus.

Part of Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest, BGA helps teenage girls find their identity in Christ and to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose. We teach a Bible-based, Christian curriculum that helps girls apply godly principles in their everyday lives. We also provide activities intended to build self-confidence, all overseen 24/7 by our compassionate direct-care staff.

Our school residents are teenage girls, ages 13-17, who are displaying risky behaviors, such as making poor peer choices, rebellion, defiant behavior, lying, manipulation, stealing, promiscuity, self-harm, running away, or not progressing in a traditional school settings. We encourage our students to believe, in faith, that embracing biblical principles will not only help them conquer the problems they have encountered, but will also bring them to a place of freedom and victory.

We are accepting applications now for a limited number of placements. Inquire now to learn more about all that Boise Girls Academy has to offer.

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Boise Girls Academy - Teen Challenge

Boise Girls Academy offers top quality care for teenage girls struggling with life choices and behavior. It is part of Pacific NW Teen Challenge.