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Cayman’s House

best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Fair Play, Missouri (students come from all states)
Students: 125
Ages: 13-17
Gender: all male
Website: BoysHouseofHope.com

Cayman’s House emphasizes teaching boys how to take responsibility for their actions. Students learn the difference between what is and what isn’t within their control, and are then empowered to make decisions based on this. Students will grow through these lessons and learn to include God in their day-to-day lives.

We provide room and board and an education, a structured setting, and a therapeutic approach for at risk boys, ages 12-18.  Cayman’s House of Hope provides a structured, nurturing environment where troubled boys can focus on personal growth and family restoration.  They attend public school, receive therapy, attend church, and join in community activities and service opportunities.  We focus on teaching personal ownership of mistakes and choices.  We teach boys to acknowledge external factors that are out of their control, but we empower them to make decisions based on what they can control.   We focus on personal growth, and encourage them to include God in their daily lives.

This faith-based program integrates students into the community as much as possible. They are provided the opportunity to attend school, church, and take part in community service, as well as daily visits to the parks and library. These opportunities are growing experiences for the boys as they are re-integrated into their community.

The highly trained staff at Cayman’s House are experienced working with at-risk teenagers. Staff:student ratios are kept small (between 1:6 and 1:12, depending on time of day) in order to best teach these boys the life skills that will transform them.

Cayman’s House will provide a Christ-centered atmosphere emphasizing love and compassion for the teenagers who attend. This environment is the ideal setting for these boys to learn accountability. In addition to Christian teachings and moral lessons, boys will be immersed in a therapeutic environment where they will focus on growing personally in all areas, including spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and academically.

Family involvement is encouraged at this program. Many students who attend this program are not local to the area, so understandably, it can be worrying for parents to send their sons so far away. However, there are numerous opportunities for parental involvement, including phone calls, letters, and also visits. True healing does not end with just the teenager, but involves the entire family.

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Cayman's House of Hope - Boarding School for Boys

Cayman's House of Hope provides a structured therapeutic setting for at-risk boys, ages 12-18.