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best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Jacksonville, Florida (students come from all states)
Students: 35
Ages: 13-17
Gender: all female
Website: HosannaHouseGirlsAcademy.org

Hosanna House GirlsHosanna House Girls Academy (in Jacksonville, Florida) is a Teen Challenge boarding school and home for girls struggling with behavioral issues.

Therapy at Hosanna House gets to the root causes of such unhealthy behaviors in the students. Hosanna House provides a safe boarding school environment designed to provide structure, discipline and true Christian discipleship. In such an environment, the girls can change their lives around.

Hosanna House helps girls aged 13-17 become the women that God intended them to be. Hosanna House provides direction and purpose to girls who are struggling. Unlike typical Christian boarding schools, Hosanna House specializes in working with difficult girls.

Hosanna house girlAll interactions between staff and students are firmly rooted in Christian principles and used as opportunities to mentor and guide the girls. Jesus can reach even the most troubled girl. Hosanna House is not a behavioral modification program. The goal is authentic transformation that will last for a lifetime, a goal that is only possible through the work of God. The staff is comprised of people who are dedicated to God and to the young ladies He brings to us.

Hosanna House offers pastoral therapy for teenage girls who are struggling with various behavioral issues or rebellion. Issues that frequently bring girls to this academy include:Poor Decision Making

  • Rebellion or Defiant Behavior
  • Lying or Manipulation
  • Stealing
  • Promiscuity
  • Drug and Alcohol Use or Abuse
  • Self-harm or Cutting
  • Eating Disorders
  • Running Away
  • Difficulty Progressing in a Traditional School Setting

Students learn to believe, in faith, that understanding and practicing Christian principles is the key to overcoming their struggles and bringing them to a place of real, lasting victory over the life-consuming challenges they’ve been facing.

hosannahouseHosanna House Girls Academy is located on 15 acres of land in a residential area of Jacksonville, Florida. The green, grassy campus offers a great many opportunities for recreation, both outdoors and in. The program is intentionally kept small, allowing for more individual attention to each girl in their care. Although secure and structured, the program feels more like a home than an institution. The program takes a caring, loving approach to therapy, though the girls must comply with rules and procedures. By earning their respect and trust through displaying love and real caring, girls will usually fall in line without the more stern approach taken by other Christian boarding schools.

hosannahouseOpportunities for growth and change are ongoing. Therapy takes place individually, guided by staff members and in group settings with peers. Personal advisors meet with the students for individual counseling sessions regularly. All students and staff attend weekly youth services and a local church, in addition to frequent chapel services on campus. Girls will also be enrolled in the Teen Challenge discipleship curriculum. This curriculum is aimed at teens dealing with the types of behaviors outlined above. The academic curriculum is also based upon a Christian foundation.

Hosanna House is completely Christ-centered, setting itself apart from most other teen programs and boarding schools. Through the evidence of Scripture and the personal testimonies of Christians throughout history, it is shown that Jesus changes people. Lasting change is made possible through finding God and a lifelong relationship with and dependence upon Him. The goal of Hosanna House is that every student comes to faith in Jesus Christ – a springboard for lifelong transformation.



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Hosanna House Girls Academy

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