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best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Central Florida (students come from all states)
Students: 50
Ages: 14-17
Gender: all male
Website: RanchforBoys.com

Vero Beach RanchThe Ranch for Boys provides a lower cost safe haven for boys ages 12-17 whose behavior has become out of control. The residential boarding school is located just west of Vero Beach, Florida on a 30-acre property surrounded by cattle ranches and orchards. The program typically lasts 15 months and can accommodate 50 boys.

Boys attend classes on-site at Anderson Academy, our own accredited private school which is also registered with the State of Florida. They attend group and individual counseling sessions, family counseling, and regular chapel and worship services, as well as opportunities for organized sports and outdoor recreation.

Vero Beach Therapeutic Agrarian Boys RanchThe Ranch for Boys focuses on helping boys grow in their Christian faith. We offer retreats, Bible studies and mission trips in addition to regular services, but we find that boys receive the most encouragement from one another as they daily challenge their peers to live an authentic faith through their words and actions. As they learn to walk in the righteousness of God, they begin to demonstrate honesty, integrity, purity, generosity and other Godly character traits. The Ranch for Boys also emphasizes leadership skills and a strong work ethic, which they develop through daily chores.

Vero Beach Boys RanchOur staff forms strong relationships with every boy in our care. Much of the life change that takes place happens through informal mentorship and shared experiences, especially during outdoor activities. Boys enjoy the fishing ponds on our campus, as well as using our professional sport fishing boats frequently. We keep horses for frequent rides, and sometimes we bring them along on camping trips as well. Recreation options include weight machines in our well-appointed gym, a pool, a game room, and facilities for soccer, baseball and basketball.

We believe that Jesus Christ has a purpose for each individual’s life. Genuine and lasting change begins when a boy takes that knowledge as his own and experiences a change of heart. Many “out-of-control” teenage boys have found a second change at life through the program at Vero Beach Ranch for Boys.

Vero Beach Boys RanchAn Ideal Therapeutic Setting for Counseling Teens

The Ranch for Boys is a therapeutic boarding school and Teen Challenge boys ranch designed to reach and teach boys who are struggling. We have a well-equipped gym, weight room, soccer field, baseball diamond, pool, fishing ponds, horses, and professional fishing boats for frequent fishing trips in the area waterways and ocean. We take every opportunity to form strong relationships with each student and regularly see life-change taking place while the boys are involved in these physical activities.

Therapeutic Boarding School with Adventure Outings

Vero Beach Boys RanchHiking, canoeing, camping, and outdoor activities are usually not a part of the lives of most young people today, but they are with the boys here. God’s great outdoors is a great place for each of us to connect with each other and with God. It is through these fun outings that we so often are able to get the root of the issues in a boy’s life. It’s an easy place to talk and share hurts and pains; then the campfire that evening gives opportunity to further talk and pray for one another. These trips are memory makers that last a lifetime!



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The Ranch for Boys - Teen Challenge

The Ranch for Boys provides a safe haven for boys ages 12-17 whose behavior has become out of control