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About Compulsive Personality Disorder

Compulsive Personality Disorder is characterized by an obsession with perfectionism, and control.  Adolescents who have this disorder are often highly driven and are more typically first born children. Teens who deal with this disorder often have great difficulty when making decisions and also are often very sensitive to critique and judgment. This can be a problem for the adolescent because they struggle with being open and flexible to new situations.  When an adolescent is focused on compulsively striving for perfection they may not be able to adapt to new situations or face things as they come up.  They may be driven to repetitive behaviors (as in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) beyond their control to stop.

Teens dealing with Compulsive Personality Disorder struggle with their personal expectations of their behavior as well as perceived expectations of those around them. It is important to recognize that these adolescents have not chosen to have these compulsive thoughts and any judgment real or perceived increases the stress that they deal with. Some of the most effective treatments for compulsive personality disorders in young people involve cognitive behavioral therapy to help retrain the ways of thinking the adolescent has developed as well as group therapy which allows the teen to develop positive relationships with other young people struggling with the same issue.

As a parent of a teenager with Compulsive Personality Disorder it is important to help the teen to continue in their new ways of thinking that they are learning. This will help encourage the teenager to continue to strengthen their new patterns of dealing with stress and judgment.  Establishing routines for the family can provide a sense of security that may help the teen overcome or lessen their compulsive behaviors.

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