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About Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder is descriptive term for a condition of repeated violations of social norms and the rights of others.  The term encompasses behaviors such as verbal and physical aggression, cruelty toward people and pets, destructive behavior, lying, truancy, vandalism, and stealing.  Young children with Conduct Disorder are much more likely to experience injury, depression, jail time, substance abuse and early death.  It is regarded as a possible precursor to Antisocial Personality Disorder.  The clinical term denotes the distinction between “normal” acting out and major levels of misbehavior.  Studies have indicated a preliminary link between different brain functions and lowered levels of empathy exhibited by those experiencing conduct disorders.

Treatment for Conduct Disorder primarily centers on therapy that focuses on changing the behavioral patterns that reinforce bad behavior.  Estimates range as high as 5 per cent of children demonstrate serious conduct problems.  Many adults fail to realize that the bad behavior of conduct disorder “rewards” the teen in ways that make the behavior likely to be repeated.  Unlike with some other disorders, therapy typically includes the parents as well as the child.  Motives for unacceptable behavior that must be dealt with can include genetic inheritance, ineffective parenting, and violent influences in the home and neighborhood.

Parents of children with Conduct Disorder face issues of juvenile delinquency and misconduct that frequently involve school or even legal authorities.  They are sometimes held responsible for behavioral actions which they did not control.  Though there is no single recognized solution to conduct disorders, many treatment program focus on training parents in effectively disciplining and rewarding good behavior in an attempt to break the cycle of bad actions leading to further bad actions.

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