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About Self Harm

Self harm is a condition where an adolescent causes intentional injury to himself or herself. One of the most common forms of self-injury is cutting, where the young person uses razors or other sharp objects to cause themselves physical harm. This condition is more typically found in adolescent girls although some boys have also been known to also experience this condition. Teens may harm themselves for many reasons and at times it is thought that they are trying to end their life but most often this is not the case. Self-harm is more likely a mechanism that the teen is using to deal with the emotional pain they are facing.

Self Harm is a dangerous disorder for the teen because it is a disorder that causes the teen to physically harm themselves to deal with the stress they are facing. By cutting or physically harming themselves the teen is risking infection as well as complications that arise from losing too much blood. Teens who are dealing with this disorder are often using the physical pain as a mechanism to help deal with emotional distress rather than a ploy to gain attention. Adolescents facing the self-harm disorder may not feel that they have been allowed to express their emotions or feelings in a more positive method.

When an adolescent is struggling with injuring themselves it is important for the parent to understand that the adolescent may need several different kinds of treatment. Often times anti-depressants or mood stabilizers may help to stabilize the adolescent struggling with Self Harm. Once the adolescents emotions are more stable then the work can begin. Adolescents dealing with self-injurious behaviors need to be taught more effective coping mechanisms for dealing with their feelings.   One of the most important factors for the recovery of the adolescent is that they have a desire to change and use the new coping mechanisms that they have learned.


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