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best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: San Diego Area, California
Students: 45
Ages: 13-17
Gender: coed
Website: boardingschoolcalifornia.com

California Leadership AcademyCalifornia Leadership Academy is an affordable therapeutic boarding school for a troubled teenagers (both boys and girls).

Is your child misbehaving, getting into trouble with the law or at school, or perhaps involved with the wrong crowd? California Leadership Academy is designed just for troubled teens.

CLA will turn your child around and give them the tools they need to get ahead in life behaviorally, spiritually, mentally and academically. The program and therapeutic team is second to none, yet it is far less in cost than most therapeutic programs and boarding schools designed to help troubled teens.

California Academy for Troubled TeensAt California Leadership Academy your teen will develop the necessary skills to succeed academically and socially, while maintaining a positive view of life.

Our mission as a facility is to partner with families throughout their son or daughter’s healing process, we focus on each student as an individual, and furthermore we put an emphasis on an all-inclusive Family Therapy model. Our culture guides young men and woman to transform from a follower at home to incredible leaders in the world. We guide our students from not only getting lifelong results, but all the while doing so in a much quicker amount of time than a traditional therapeutic boarding school.

You simply won’t find a therapeutic boarding school that is as effective and economical. California Leadership Academy is situated close to the population centers of Southern California. We have a long history of helping teens just like yours — those who are bright and talented, but have gotten off track in life.

We Teach Leadership and Accountability

boarding school in CaliforniaCalifornia Leadership Academy is a structured boarding school serving teenagers who have taken some wrong turns in their lives. Our campus culture is focused around a daily balanced atmosphere of Accountability, Personal Health, Hard Work, Service to Others and Leadership.

We believe that teaching leadership and strong academics provides an all-empowering platform and foundation for a strong future. Our professional team is trained to help break down the various issues or challenges in each teen’s life and focuses on solving one aspect at a time.

As time goes on, leadership characteristics emerge to the surface and become a foundational strength for them to build upon. We help these youth restart their lives and, in turn, reconnect to and become whole and healthy again with the relationships they have with their families.

Our Duty to You and Your Teen

troubled teenIf your desire is, “I can’t wait to have my child healthy, happy and back home with the family again,” then CLA is just the place to make that happen.

We believe our duty is to see the teen and the family as a whole unit once again. We’re looking long range for you. We intend to develop a partnership with the family as a whole, which includes your child. This means from the first day that your child is enrolled your entire family will also be enrolled as key members of the recovery team. At first this can be uncomfortable for your child, though in their heart they know it means you care enough to be involved and support them. Once they recognize that you are in synch with the game plan and are committed to keeping them here long enough to see real change, they’ll stop hiding their feelings and stop blaming others for their actions.  Instead, they will open up their heart and mind to the solutions we provide.

CLA is not merely a place to “Come drop your child off and we will call you when he is ready.” The family is involved each step of the way. And this will be a powerful wake-up call to your child, as they recognize that dynamics have changed drastically. They have lost the patent on control. The family has chosen this step to right itself and bring back balance and sanity at home.

residential treatment center in CaliforniaOur psychotherapeutic program is designed to change behavior from the root, by solving emotional conflicts behind bad behavior, striving at the same time to achieve emotional resilience. At the same time our Academic program allows teens to get back on their feet and catch up with any pending credits and helps them elevate their GPA.

Believing that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body, we include fitness and sports as an important part of our program and we implement them daily, while taking great care of their nutrition.





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California Leadership Academy - Therapeutic Boarding School

California Leadership Academy is an affordable therapeutic boarding school for a troubled teenage boys.