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best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation:  West Florida
Students: 55
Ages: 11-17
Gender: all male
Website: ChristianMilitarySchool.org

military schoolGateway Boys Academy helps teenage boys who have gotten off track in life; boys who need discipline in their life and renewed respect for authority. Gateway is a military-like program, but without meaningless marching drills and screaming drill sergeants.

Gateway features all of the elements of a military school that have the most positive life-long impact on boys in the shortest possible time, administered by loving mentors and leaders who encourage them to succeed.

With military-like discipline and decorum, the academy offers an accredited school, working ranch and farm, counseling and mentoring, competitive team sports, spiritual emphasis and our hands-on outreach to the community and missions trips to third world countries all combine to make young men all they can be, and more. Read the testimonials and imagine the impact this military-type program can have on your son who is struggling or perhaps has gotten into trouble with the law or has given up on school.

Gateway Academy is made up of caring, concerned staff, many whom have been in your situation with their own children. Our purpose in life is to help a self-destructing teenage boy do a turnaround and begin looking at life differently. Boys are given a new purpose, a new drive, and a new passion to be a better person and to serve others.

If you could see the before and after pictures of boys who have come through our program, you would see a striking change to confident, happy young men. You would see selfish boys with a chip on their shoulders who are now ready to give the shirt off their back to someone in need. You would see boys without purpose who now have solid goals and direction for their life.

Gateway military academyA year ago we were hurting and at a loss. This year we are missing our boy but knowing that he is in loving and capable hands. We are so proud of him.  — Rachel (parent)

Gateway Academy was the best decision we have made in our entire life.  Our son’s life was saved from destruction on this earth and for eternity. The education at Gateway was the finest he could have received anywhere.  He became a self-disciplined student with motivated study habits and finished with a 3.9 GPA. He now has the desire and compassion to serve in his community and church, as well as tutoring and mentoring younger kids. — David and Joy (parents)

We had tried everything we could think of for our troubled son — tough love, Christian counseling, traditional church activities, and homeschooling.  But all were to no avail.  The military-like format of Gateway taught John self-control, physical work and teamwork, leadership skills and integrity.  John received love, discipline, forgiveness, and persistent mentoring from dedicated staff members. Gateway is a God-send for our broken family…restoring our relationship with our son.  It is a place of hope, a place of love, and a place of renewal. — Jessica (parent)

Gateway Changes Lives

Gateway military schoolWith patience, understanding and a little tough love, most young men discover more to life than struggling, or sometimes fighting, with those who care about them. This success can be trained. It is not magic.

Most students are surprised to learn that the military-like school at Gateway is not what they expected. The initial fear of the unknown can be great with new cadets, but every cadet has been there. The anxiety of a different type of school culture plus the adventure of being away from home can be overwhelming at first. This is a shared feeling. But, those cadets also know that the feeling passes once the military system is learned.


Seldom is there opportunity for a young man to lead five, ten, twenty or more peers while in high school. Young men at Gateway can reach positions of responsibility and learn leadership skills, which often transfer to college and the world beyond.

Engaging academics in a structured environment is often easier for most, and it helps young men see a brighter future in terms of applying to college. Challenging a young man while his thoughts are big and his future is open is a wonderful part of what we do at Gateway.

Participation in athletics is strongly encouraged at Gateway. Sports teach teamwork and camaraderie. These are invaluable interpersonal skills for a world absorbed by computers and gadgets. Knowing how to work with others is a critical skill taught by our military school.

Gateway military schoolTEACHING DISCIPLINE

Gateway is not the simple path. For faculty, staff and cadets, a military school environment is hard work. In the classroom, on the parade field and with the teams, the Gateway family strives for the betterment of each student, and the restoration of the family.

Over 1,000 boys from every state in America, and some international students, have attended Gateway.

Gateway has open enrollment, year-round.





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Gateway Boys Academy - A former Christian military school

Gateway Boys Academy is a military-like boarding school that helps teenage boys off track in life; boys who need discipline and respect for authority.