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Prayer Mountain Academy

best therapeutic boarding schoolsLocation: Near Atlanta, Georgia
Students: 35
Ages: 13-18
Gender: all male

Prayer Mountain Boys AcademyPrayer Mountain Boys Academy is a faith-based program for troubled boys. Troubled behaviors that this program addresses includes, but is not limited to, anger, defiance, and substance abuse. If a boy is experiencing these or any other life-controlling issues, Prayer Mountain can help get them back on track.

The atmosphere at this Christian boarding school can best be described as home-like. The beautiful 36-acre campus provides boys with a serene and comfortable setting in which to regain control over their lives.

The core of Prayer Mountain Academy is centered on relationships and leadership. Boys are introduced to the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. In this relationship, they will find the power to heal and transform their lives. Staff here is committed not only to these students, but also to living in the way of faith and demonstrating Christian principles through their actions. They understand the problems facing these young men, and love them like their own family. Boys will also develop relationships with themselves and each other. In time, these new relationships teach them how to re-build the relationships they so badly damaged with their parents and communities back home.

Prayer Mountain AcademyThis Christian boarding school is uniquely designed to teach troubled boys the invaluable principles of leadership. The goal here is not only to teach boys a better way to live, but to return them to their families as young men capable of being a real asset to their communities. In order to better assist with this, each boy is assigned an individual counselor, who also functions as a liaison to the family while he is enrolled here.

An Affordable Boarding School for Struggling Boys

Prayer Mountain Academy offers life transformation to boys who are struggling with life-impacting behaviors, addictions or attitudes. This program includes a number of elements, but the overall goal is to see boys prepared to transition successfully back to a normal and healthy lifestyle, whether that be college, ministry or the workforce. Ideally, the goal is to see every young man following God.

Our History

Prayer MountainPrayer Mountain is the site of a former church. When the church closed, the 36 acre property was purchased by a local family. The family donated the property to Griffin First Assembly 8 years ago, with the stipulation that it must be used for a drug and alcohol treatment center. Griffin First Assembly teamed up with Florida/Georgia Teen Challenge, and Prayer Mountain Boys Academy was born.

Spiritual Direction and Growth

Staff at Prayer Mountain are all committed believers in Jesus Christ who model positive choices and the Christian life for the young men, providing mentorship and strong role models. Boys attend chapel services on campus, where they receive Biblical teaching on practical issues. Prayer Mountain also has a strongly supportive relationship with a local church, which supports the work and ministry of Prayer Mountain and also provides a church home. Boys and staff attend services on Sundays and Wednesdays and participate in missions projects. Boys also work through the Teen Challenge discipleship curriculum as part of the program requirements.

Prayer Mountain AcademyPositive Environment

Positive Peer culture means an environment where making right choices is accepted and encouraged. Boys who have been “following the wrong crowd” into destructive behaviors instead find themselves pushed by their peers toward responsibility, integrity and growth. Positive choices are rewarded. The campus promotes teamwork and accountability among students as well.
As they progress through the program, boys advance through three levels that govern privileges and indicate progress. To promote a boy to the next level, staff look for evidence of personal growth in matters of attitude, character and personal conduct. The third and highest level carries with it expectations of and training in leadership skills.

Family Restoration

The goal at Prayer Mountain is to see families healed and restored. Parents are invited to visit with their son on campus once each month. These family days give families time to restore relationships within the supportive environment on campus. Parents also have the opportunity to spend time with other parents and with staff and to receive Godly counsel.





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Prayer Mountain Academy